Sunset on Manitou Lake

A Wilderness Canoe Trip in Algonquin Park

The Story of a Canoe Trip Through Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park
Norm Hooper

Part 1
September 2002


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Kioskkokwi Lake Departure
Norm Hooper and Wayne at the portage to Cub Lake
John and Norm R. at the beaver dam
Erables Lake cove to the portage
Trekking on the Manitou Portage
In the early spring of 2002, our die-hard canoeing group of Wayne Morrison, John Nikita, Norm Rail, and Norm Hooper organized a weeklong canoe trip to the Temagami region, a two-hour drive north of North Bay, Ontario. A few weeks prior to our departure date, John and his wife tripped this region and returned with the disheartening news of constant seaplane traffic throughout the day, cottage generators blaring during the evenings, insufficient campsites and an overload of power watercraft of all sorts on the lakes certainly not the environment any true canoeist seeking solitude would want to endure.

We immediately registered another trip plan that would have us returning to an area we were familiar with from past excursions, Kiosk, in the northern sector of Algonquin Park. We would begin our journey from the campgrounds and trip through seventeen waterways the Little Mink, Whitebirch, Clearwater, Club, Mouse, Mink Creek, Big Thunder, Erables, Maple, Ratrap, Dalinda, Boggy, N. Sylvia, Three Miles, and Manitou. We would return through the Amable du Fond River and cross Kioskkokwi Lake (kiosk coke wee - meaning, "the lake of the gulls"). This plan would enable us to complete the last segment of our 1999 trip to this area as well as meet our goal of traversing new territory.

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Sunrise on Three Mile Lake
A beach on Manitou Lake
Setting Sun on Manitou Lake
The Channel Leading to Kioskkokwi Lake
The beach at Kioskkokwi Lake

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